Despre mine

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Studies: University of Fine Arts from Bucharest, theacher Vladimir Zamfirescu’s class,

Personal and collective exhibitions :

1999 – 2001 “Apollo” Gallery Bucharest, Sala Art Expo Bucharest National Theatre Room, Galeria University of Arts Gallery from Bucharest,
2000 – “Tribute to Nichita Stănescu” St. Gheorghe, The Showroom of Art from Bucharest, “Dalles” Galleries from Bucharest, “Art Club Jazz” Gallery - Bucharest
2003 – “Ad-Ella” Gallery from Eforie Nord, “Romanian Contemporan Art” in Warsaw – Poland, Italy - Novara
2006 – Greek Cultural Center in Stockholm – Sweden
2008 – Cultural Center and Camp of International Creation – Aiud
2009 – 2010 Interior desing works

1999 – 2010 Activity as a publisher

 “National Journal”, “Gossips”, “The Contemporan”, “Zum” – magazine made for Romanian diaspora, “Realm with oxen”, “Best Magazin”, “Bridge” – Romanian – Swedish cultural magazine, and others. 

Pedagogical Activity:

Assistant to University of Beautiful Arts in Bucharest – pottery workshop, glass, metal, visual education teacher for middle school and high school, cooperation with Romanian Literature Museum from Bucharest, image department.